Welcome. My name is Funda Kemal and here are details of a few of my projects. I am an Architect, though my projects incorporate a broad variety of disciplines including art, animation, conservation of historic buildings, urban design, photography and writing.

I am based in the city of Bath in Somerset, where I work freelance, teach at the University of Bath and am founder member of the not-for-profit organisation Architecture Is…. Together we created the Therapeutic City Festival in Bath in 2019 bringing together architects, landscape architects, educators, economists, health professionals and urban designers to discuss how to create cities good for the mind, body and soul. Please take a look at http://www.architectureis.org.uk and http://www.therapeuticity.org

My work looks for a holistic balance between sociology, design for health and wellbeing, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, enhancement of our natural environment, economic stability and a creation of a built environment that is beautiful, equitable and accessible to everyone. It’s a tall order – but I have some 6 years in architectural practice, 15 years in a local planning authority, 14 years of lecturing and 6 years of volunteer projects in my local community to draw on. So here goes…